Electrical Engineering according to current official standards.

 Electromechanical engineering according to current official standards, providing the client with the best design alternatives to optimize material and financial resources. 


Study of harmonics, power factor, short-circuit and protection coordination.

 Find out the current state of your electrical installation; identify your needs.


Design of electrical projects for urban infrastructure

 Design of urbanization, residential subdivisions, industrial parks, public lighting projects, etc. 

Testing and Maintenance


Preventive and corrective maintenance.


 We offer maintenance with highly qualified personnel providing full professional service. Electrical substations, distribution and power transformers, power switches, capacitor banks, transient voltage suppressors, etc. Cleaning, torque and retightening. 

Transformers Testing


 We verify the condition of your transformers, Tests: insulation resistance, voltage transformation ratio, power factor, excitation current; capacitive tap, ohmic resistance of windings, hot collar, etc. Oil tests: gas chromatograph analysis, moisture content analysis, PCBs, physical-chemical. 

Electrical Conductors Testing


 Carried out to test the state of your underground energy networks. They are an easy and safe method to maintain confidence in the energy distribution systems. Insulation resistance tests, Hi-Pot, VLF. 

Electrical Equipment Testing


 (Surge arresters, TC's, TP's, etc.) Tests: insulation resistance, contact resistance, speed and synchronism of operation, saturation, primary injection, Hi-Pot power factor